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Voices experiences

It was great to jump in and just start working on Saturday.  I wish there had been more time to really review the material, since we had to make a very quick selection of a large collection, but at least … Continue reading

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In Response to the Question, “Preservation vs. Digitization?”

This is a really great (and complex) topic that Chrisie raises. Much of the digitization that occurs in libraries, museums, and memory projects is done for the purpose of making their collections, especially their special collections, accessible to a wider … Continue reading

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Steep Learning Curve

I am always a bit apprehensive about the start of a new course on digital archiving because when you leave the theoretical realm and enter the application realm there is an incredibly steep learning curve. Much like the Gartner Hype … Continue reading

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Adding a Blog Post

Here’s a quick tutorial on creating a post and assigning it to one or more categories. If you follow the instructions that Robert posted, your posts will be added to your page.

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To create posts-to-page code

To create posts-to-page code: Go to the home page of the blog in a separate browser window. Find your personal “Category” number by hovering over your page name (it will appear somewhere to the top or bottom of your page, … Continue reading

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