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Hi, just like the other Jenn, this is my 6th course in the program (I am working towards school media certification).  Currently I am taking ILS 655, Digital Libraries, with the hopes that it will give me an introduction to some digital aspects for this course.  I am slightly familiar with web design and Dublin Core.  I just downloaded Omeka and have been exploring that but as of now I know nothing about WordPress.  I chose this course not only to learn about digital archiving but to also learn more about the stories of those who survived the 9/11 attacks, and the stories of those who’s lives were lost. The project will be bittersweet. Looking forward to working with everyone.  ~Jenn I.

One more week to go......

2012-07-19 11:21:43 jennifer

Hi all~ Can you believe we only have one week left??
As far as Omeka goes, I’d say it’s pretty much user friendly. There are only a few things that I found annoying. One, like many of us said, we don’t like how you can’t see the item you are entering the metadata for while you are entering it, two, this is small, but is anyone else finding it frustrating that when you search an item by collection that the “search” button is right in the middle rather at the end and to get to the next page you have to scroll up – there isn’t a “next page” at the bottom, and when you do search by item and make an adjustment it goes back to page one? Chrisie and I didn’t realize at first that if we tagged our items to our collection at first it would have been easier. I know these are small things to complain about but I think if you have pages and pages of items it can become frustrating quite easily. Everyone’s collections look great so far… can’t wait to see the finished product!

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Dublin Core

2012-07-06 10:10:32 jennifer

Just like Sharon, I can’t believe we have already put two weeks into the class.  Hearing and seeing the stories of victims and survivors during our visit at VOICES was heart-rending.  Although in this short time we get a sense of who the victims and survivors are, I find myself wishing I could do more for the organization and learn more.  It’s sad to say that Taylor (my daughter) is 15 and so far they haven’t really discussed what happened on 9/11 in school.  Of course she knows about it but she comes to my husband and I asking questions about what happened and what the days following were like.

As far as Dublin Core goes, boy am I thrilled we are discussing it in class as a group!  It’s great to hear everyone’s input and by doing so it makes it much easier to understand and follow than just reading it with the “technical” (for lack of a better word) definition like in one of my other courses.

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