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Proofing metadata

I have found proofing the metadata files for the exhibits to be an almost never-ending process.  It illustrates a couple of things to me. First, that you absolutely learn things as you go while you catalog items. That, of course, … Continue reading

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Audio archiving

I enjoyed the presentation by Chris Brown during Thursday’s class.  My undergraduate degree is in Mass Communication, so I’ve certainly had classes about and exposure to different formats of audio formats.  And, I worked as a video producer for over … Continue reading

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Item Type metadata

My favorite new toy of the week is Item Type metadata. It was great fun to define a new entry, with a few customized elements to help describe our special collection. Yes, Omeka is lacking some of the basic functionality … Continue reading

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Musings about audio archives

In preparation for tomorrow’s class I’ve been reading up about the Kitchen Sisters and the archive being created by the Pop Up Archive team.  Together with the Hughes reading for this week, my head is just swimming with all of … Continue reading

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