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ILS652 is the second-to-last class towards my MLS at Southern.  My concentration is Special Libraries.  Currently I have a short-term archivist position at HarperCollins Publishers.  I am making an inventory of reverted author contracts going back to the 1800s, when they were “Harper and Brothers”.  Like many archives, their storage boxes have moved several times and even changed vendors, so there were some surprises among the contents.  In August I will start working part-time at Facts on File electronic publishing in NYC, so the skills I pick up in this class will definitely benefit my next job…  I am interested in all kinds of archiving and cataloging – I am drawn to art organizations, but will pursue employment where my skills are relevant!

And Wouldn't It Also Be Nice...

2012-07-17 13:59:51 annie

Wouldn’t it also be nice if Omeka:

Allowed you to batch edit Metadata for redundant information on a series of items from the Dropbox?

…Or if you accidentally entered the wrong metadata, deleting an item would not (necessarily) delete the item from the Dropbox?

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Wouldn't it be nice...

2012-07-13 18:59:04 annie

Wouldn’t it be nice if Omeka:

-Allowed you to view the photo/image of the item you are cataloging while you are imputing the metadata…

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