Miguel Garcia

Hi.  I’m Miguel and this is my eighth class in the program.  This summer I am also taking 566 (Library Personnel Managment) and 580 (the capstone project).  Long-term, I am interested in working in an academic library.  This class was of interest to me for two main reasons.  First and foremost, I think the subject matter is a truly important.  It is true cultural history that should and must be documented.  Second, I know nothing about digital archiving and want to learn at least the basics.  I am also not familiar with web design, html, etc. other than having the most rudimentary idea of what they are.  I’m looking forward to working with everyone.

Final flurry

2012-07-26 15:57:08 miguel

So here I thought we were all set and in good shape…and I guess we were…but it seems like this last week has been a flurry of activity to make sure our two collections were squared away and ready for submission.  As with most things, it was the little nit-picky stuff that was the most time-consuming.  But at the same time it was important to try to do as good a job as possible to honor the memory of our person, Lloyd Rosenberg.  I’m happy I took this class…it exposed me to something with which I had no experience.  More importantly, it allowed all of us to complete a project that was much more than an academic exercise.  That truly made the class memorable.

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Deputy Chief

2012-07-26 15:49:01 miguel

The Deputy Chief’s visit was one of the really interesting moments from the class.  I thought it spoke volumes that 12 years later talking about September 11th clearly provoked such a powerful reaction.  I think it safe to say that each of us remembers that day in different ways but I was intrigued to hear the perspective of someone in law enforcement and hear it in person.  In addition, I was curious to hear how he thought the job had changed.  From a sociological perspective, I think the ripple effect in all different sectors of society is one of the most interesting to study.

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Interesting theme

2012-07-15 22:22:34 miguel

I find it interesting that a number of the comments that have been posted revolve around the idea of 652 being one of the few hands-on classes.  I think that’s an issue that needs to be brought up for discussion.  I think I mentioned last week that department is having feedback sessions over the next couple of weeks.  I think it would be a good idea for as many of us as possible to participate in one of the sessions.  I know one of my issues is offering more on-ground classes which lends itself to more of a hands-on experience.  I also tend to think there are opportunities through Buley (possibly other libraries?) to arrange for opportunities for MLS students to put in some time in a library that isn’t as much as the practicum but does provide for some practical experience.

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Omeka and Dublin Core

2012-07-07 14:51:44 miguel

So contrary to my usual nature, I am actually somewhat ahead of the game and got through my half of the images Sharon and I scanned at Voices.  What I found kind of interesting was that the field that seeming was most difficult for me was title because I was making a conscious effort to not have it be the same as description.  Other than that, I found that you get into a groove and it doesn’t take too long per image.  I’m also still unclear as to the difference between image and still image.  Sharon and I classified our scans of pictures as still images vs. images but I think we’re both a little unsure as to whether or not that is correct.

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