Week Five

Classes 10 & 11

Preserving Digital History

Lab Assignment

Primary and Secondary Teams will complete entries and exhibit pages. These will be shared at final class

Teams will complete Omeka Tutorials and upload to our LibGuide

Written Assignments


Teams will complete pages for Best Practices LibGuides
Complete ‘About’ page and post


Create a final blog post about your thoughts and experiences with the course and archiving with Omeka; read and comment on two of your fellow archivist’s postings.


Lorna M. Hughes, Chapter 7, “Managing a Digitization Project ; Preservation of Digital Assets“, pg. 204

Douglas Seefeldt and William G. Thomas, “What is Digital History? A Look at Some Exemplar Projects,” AHA Perspectives May 2009.


J. Gordon Daines and Cory L. Nimer, “The Interactive Archivist, Case Studies in Utilizing Web 2.0 to Improve the Archival Experience,” SAA E-Publication.


Enjoy the rest of your summer and I wish you the best of luck in your future classes and endeavors!

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