Week One

Classes 1, 2, & 3

Pre-Course Assignment

Prior to the first class, each student will need to sign up and create a page on the class blog on WordPress.

 * Write a brief bio of yourself and your expectations for this course. Please post only what you feel comfortable sharing in a public forum.

 * On your blog page, give an accurate assessment of your skills that are relevant to digital archiving. These would include web design, HTML, CSS, image editing, familiarity with Dublin Core, etc. While these skills are not a prerequisite for the course, it will help to know who has what skill sets that we will be able to collectively call upon as we develop the 9/11 archive.

 * Spend time exploring the features of WordPress to familiarize yourself with its format. Because we are working collaboratively on the blog, please access only your page and be respectful of each others’.

 Week 1 ~ Classes 1, 2, & 3


Metadata & Understanding Dublin Core Metadata Elements

Course introduction; syllabus & course site walk-through
Introduction to Omeka and LibGuide platforms
On-Site visit to VOICES:
Introduction to the VOICES staff and the 9/11 Living Memorial Project

Creating Digital Surrogates
File Naming Conventions

Lab Assignment

Primary Teams will create accounts on Omeka and LibGuides

Review Collections
CONTENTdm Collection of Collections

Omeka Wiki

At VOICES, Primary Teams will create victim folders; scan victim information and name digital files

Inclusion of Metadata on LibGuide
Inclusion of Collections on LibGuide


Prior to Class One

Lorna M. Hughes, Digitizing Collections.

  • Chapter 1, “Why Digitize? The Costs and Benefits of Digitization”
  • Chapter 2: “Selecting Materials for Digitization”

“Introduction: Promises and Perils of Digital History,” Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web, by Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006. Available online:

Introduction to Omeka

Kucsma, J, K Reiss, and A Sidman. “Using Omeka to Build Digital Collections: the Metro Case Study.” D-lib Magazine. 16 (2010) Available online:

Prior to Class Two

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

Practical Principles for Metadata Creation and Maintenance

Prior to Class 3 On-Site Visit to VOICES

Lorna M. Hughes, Chapter 8, “Digitization of Rare and Fragile Materials,” Chapter 10, “Digitization of Text and Images,” in Digitizing Collections.

Besser, Howard, Sally Hubbard, and Deborah Lenert. Introduction to Imaging. Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, 2003.
The Image; Image Reproduction and Color Management Available online:

*note – this link will take you to Electronic Publications on The Getty Research Institute site. Scroll to Introduction to Imaging, click ‘read online’, and then on Image Capture in Part Two

“Becoming Digital: Preparing Historical Materials for the Web,” Chapter 3 in Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web, by Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006, 80-107.

Available online:

How to Make Text Digital:

Digital Images:

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