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Today was the last class and I just have to say I really enjoyed the experience.  It is great to have something tangible (by cyberspace standards, anyway) to demonstrate what my classmates and I learned from Nancy –and, also from … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

Sounds like my four year old on a long road trip!  I agree with all sentiments about the class ending.  During the first two classes, I thought I was in way over my head, but after we received our information, … Continue reading

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Final flurry

So here I thought we were all set and in good shape…and I guess we were…but it seems like this last week has been a flurry of activity to make sure our two collections were squared away and ready for … Continue reading

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Deputy Chief

The Deputy Chief’s visit was one of the really interesting moments from the class.  I thought it spoke volumes that 12 years later talking about September 11th clearly provoked such a powerful reaction.  I think it safe to say that … Continue reading

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Try it!

The past five weeks have been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot — about Omeka, WordPress, file formats, video and audio archiving, and everything else in between. One lasting impression from this class is that much of the technology … Continue reading

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Levels of reality

I have really enjoyed putting together the exhibits, because it allowed for a little bit of creativity, and it was so satisfying to see the finished product. This last week was really the time to grapple with the need to … Continue reading

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It never feels finished! And yet today is still the last class…

Piggy-backing off of Nancy’s last entry — We certainly have covered a lot throughout the course, and it is so satisfying to see it come together!  I feel like the endless possibilities of the digital format make it seem as … Continue reading

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Gearing Up to Wind Down

The flurry of activity at the end of a project can often alternate between the workings of a well-oiled machine and one that sounds like someone threw sand in the gears. It seems that everything is going smoothly and then … Continue reading

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The rhythm of inputing metadata…

Has anyone else felt that sometimes inputing metadata is relatively relaxing, and everything goes well, and it is almost repetitive to the point of being meditative… …And then there are times when it is so frustrating to be doing the … Continue reading

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Proofing metadata

I have found proofing the metadata files for the exhibits to be an almost never-ending process.  It illustrates a couple of things to me. First, that you absolutely learn things as you go while you catalog items. That, of course, … Continue reading

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